Floor Pocket



Rigging Innovators floor pockets set the standard for the industry.  This is not your typical floor pocket.  Our floor pockets back boxes are constructed of 16 gauge galvanized steel.   Our standard is a 10” deep back box.  An internal inclined plate is where the connector plate mounts, allowing for easy connector switch out or service receptacles if ever needed.
A low voltage partition allows connector compartment to share high and low voltage devices with ease.  High voltage and low voltage devices are mounted on separate plates so you can access only the side of voltage you need to.
We have the Cadillac of all floor pocket covers.  Are covers are constructed of 1/2” thick tool plate aluminum with four cable slots standard, the cover frame is constructed of laminated welded ¼” thick steel for the strongest, most durable floor pocket cover in the industry.
Neoprene Dust Flaps attach to the inclined plate keeping all devices free of any dirt, dust or debris that may fall into the box.
Once you see it, you’ll agree, this is the best in industry.  Some may claim to be cheaper, and they are right!



• Extremely durable, heavy gauge 10.5" X 14.5" aluminum cover.

• Back box is formed galvanized CRS steel, 16 gauge.

• Door assembly is matte gloss black powder coat.

• Standard unwired connectors are securely mounted into the faceplate.

• Optional din rail mounted cage clamp termials are color coded for easy identification and clearly labeled with computer generated circuit numbering.

• Specification grade, UL listed. 20/ 50/ 60 amp connectors.

• XLR and RJ45 data connectors.



• Includes optional internal partitions for low voltage control wiring.

• Custom colors available.

• Optional load indicator lamps available.

• Optional neoprene dust flap available.

• Available in either a 10" deep backbox or a 6" deep backbox when a lower profile is needed.




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