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We are the inventor and home of the original Pantograph Cable Management Assembly.  Our first units were developed in the early 1990’s and were a sheet metal design.  Now we employ 2 styles of pantographs, a 5 compartment and a 2 compartment aluminum extrusion.

Lighting Circuits are neatly carried in the pantograph assembly compartments.  Travel is measured from the top of the truss at low trim to the ceiling mounted trolley track.  Standard sizes of travel are 15 ft., 21 ft., 27 ft., and 33 ft.  The 5 compartment extrusion features room for lighting circuits, ground, motor & control, DMX, and NET cables.  Each lighting cable provides 4 circuits (2-wire) at 20 amps.  A maximum of 36 circuits can be accommodated with 9 cables.  These circuits can be dimmed, non-dimmed, and 208 non-dimmed for moving fixtures.

The pantograph also supports 5-wire 12/5 cables with L21-20 connectors for dimmer stick applications.  Alternatively, 3 cables 12/14 with 19-pin connectors can be used for soft distribution.  Motor and control cables are run in a special yellow jacket to distinguish them from all of the lighting cables.

The 2 compartment extrusion is a great economical solution when less circuits are needed, or for motor and control cables only.

Over the last few years, the popularity of the pantograph has led to some knock offs being made.  For quality and peace of mind, stick with the original Rigging Innovators Pantograph Assembly for your cable management needs.


  • For new or existing motorized rigs, fixed or variable speed up to 32 fpm.
  • Up to 36 20 amp circuits
  • Separate Data and Ground Channels
  • Urethane wheels in upper guide track for smooth, quiet tracking
  • Half Couplers allow for quick easy mounting to virtually any batten or truss
  • Black extruded aluminum, inherently rust proof
  • Two sizes of extrusion for few or multiple circuits
  • Heavy Duty hinges that insure stabilized stacking
  • Stops on hinges to ensure proper stacking if limits exceeded
  • Quality packaging to guard against freight damage



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