Power Distribution

Rigging Innovators has been manufacturing power distribution for over 20 years.  During this time we have seen about all possible uses and variations of power distribution equipment.  As a result we have redesigned our connector strips.

Our CSE Series connector strips and plug boxes were introduced at LDI 2007 and we have received an overwhelming positive response.  The newly incorporated features add new dimensions to an often under appreciated item.  The sleek design with along with its low profile terminal box height of 10” adds a modern look to any venue.  From the integral strut-type channel to its quick and easy splicing, we think you’ll agree this product delivers.

The rear spice channel allows for brackets to be hung from any position along the raceway by simply sliding the bracket to the hanging points position, which literally eliminates the need for an overhead pipe to match your hanging points, saving installation time and materials. The bracket attaches exclusively to the rear of the strip so never again will a bracket interfere with an outlet, pigtail or circuit number.

The sloped face of the raceway allows for circuits numbers to be read from directly beneath the strip.  The strut channel on the bottom of the strip allows for some fixtures to mount directly to the strip for the lowest profile in the industry.

Designed into the top of our strip is a channel for low voltage protocols.  Utilizing our Connector Strip Mounted Data Box, your date outlet can be located anywhere along the raceway.

Our packaging methods have kept Rigging Innovators products virtually claim free over the years.  This care and dedication to packaging continues with our new product.  All connector strips with terminal boxes are shipped in 12 ft., corrugated cartons banded to pallets.  Some projects, such as television studios, where our CSE Series connector strips utilize the in-line terminal compartment, are shipped in heavy-duty corrugated tubing, which allows for easy handling and has amazing strength and durability in transit.

Our centralized location allows us to ship to most places in the contiguous US within 1 to 3 days.  We employ only the top rated LTL and OTR carriers in the business.  We also follow up with email shipment notification so all parties can track their freight during transit.

We believe that with the CSE Series connector strips, from its features, to shipping, to installation, that dealers, reps, installers, end users and owners will all agree, that it just may be the best thing to happen to power distribution in a long time.