Rigging Innovators was founded in the summer of 1987 by Bruce W. Darden, as a design and manufacturing firm with strong emphasis on safety and motorized rigging. By that time, Darden already had 13 years of motorized experience as Senior Installer and Design Supervisor of an international rigging firm and project manager at a regional theatrical dealer. The number one design philosophy was factory integration and assembly of major system assemblies to minimize field labor. This thought process was embedded after years of travel and installation.

To fulfill this goal, a complete line of modular power distribution was designed and submitted for approval to Underwriters Laboratories. These components then could be used alone, or integrated into motorized battens and grids for complete systems. Several designs of winches were refined, including self-climbing grids, self-climbing trusses, line shaft winches, and helical drum models.

This extended repertory of designs allowed fast response to design proposals, with the correct style available for each application. Motor controls ranging from single winch Up and Down to entire studios of multiplexed and positioning equipment were integrated into this package. As the JIT mentality hit the construction industry, Rigging Innovators re-tooled many of its design concepts. Components were re-designed to have even greater modularity, and more options. Some items were deleted from inventory, at the same time more designs were added to inventory.

Our CAD systems and estimating systems were upgraded by customization of menus and sub-routines so that items which may have never been produced can be quoted and manufactured painlessly.

Every product must be delivered to its final destination on time and at a reasonable cost. We pride ourselves on delivering equipment in the same condition it left the factory. Therefore packaging is part of every product we produce. We place a strong emphasis on logistics, carefully selecting carriers that will provide a good balance of service and price.

The ability to produce custom orders is one of our strongest assets. After analyzing customer requirements, we are able to produce the hybrid between the standard part and what the applications demands. This includes the ability to offer our products in a variety of paint colors.

Primary focus of sales continues to be the theatre, video production and entertainment industries. However the company does stray into commercial/industrial problem solving. These projects include atrium chandeliers, shark barriers, waste water treatment, aircraft components and semi-conductor manufacturing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to visit our "Contact Us" page and submit your questions. We look forward to providing a solution for your project.


Bruce Darden, President